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The Six of Coins asks you to embrace that generous and protective side of yourself this week, as you help this person face their demons.

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Who knows, you might learn something powerful about yourself along the way too. Support those who confide in you. Help them tackle their issues, help them feel hopeful again. A new angle or approach could unlock a big piece of the puzzle as regards a long-standing issue this week. You are able to, finally, get control of the situation, to take the lead, to offer the resolution that others agree might work. Tune in to your ideas. The Eight of Coins is a grafting kind of card, and shows there is still some way to go here, but that you ARE on the right path, so keep putting the effort in.

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SO, review your progress and your intentions and aim for what you truly want to happen. Believe in it. Visualise it. Your emotions are guiding you towards the right path forwards, trust them and tune in to them. A higher power is at work here. Fantastic opportunities all around you this week, Cancer, to lay the foundations of a future dream or vision you truly want to happen in your life. A new home linked to a change in your job? He is the master of his own destiny.

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He knows that no one is going to step in and do it all for him, he has to make his own future happen. And he loves the thrill and chase of it all, putting his talents and skills to good use, making money off his own back. Practical measures and strategies are called for. So, action is necessary.

But whatever you do will work, so have faith and believe that you can design, control and improve your love life, for good. I can provide some clues though… The Chariot is a powerful omen of change, journeys and travel- all with purpose and intent. And good for you.

Weekly Horoscope: September 16 To September 22, Tarot Card Prediction For All Sun Signs

This cross roads represents an opportunity to take the wheel, and take control over your destiny. The only anxiety is caused by your procrastination, because you CAN blow things up out of proportion in your own mind. You are considering starting over in some respect, possibly linked to your job or financial situation. The Six and King of Swords reveal that this endeavour is about building a brighter future, about investing in tomorrow vs fixing today.

Some of your known might betray you. Many confusions will be there in taking right decision. It is advised that you shall not take any financial decision in your business. You should also avoid investing in assets, otherwise it might be dead stock. Your expenditures on worthless stuff will affect your savings. You will plan for an overseas trip also. Lack of happiness might be seen between couples. Singles shall avoid to take any important decision in terms of marriage. In the Mid of the week, you will be blessed by Jupiter and Positive Moon, it will be favourable in terms of your health.

You will more energetic. Your vital energy will help you to take some difficult decisions in terms of family and work front. Jobseekers may get good job. You will expect to hear some good news in your family, which will increase harmony in the family. You will also invest some capital in your parental business. Spiritual energy will show you the right path. Your focus towards your goal will be good. You will be able to control your expenditures; it might boost your bank balance.


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