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As you can see, Marilyn had to deal with two aspects that point to a tendency to be a bit self-destructive.

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But the chart tells us nothing about why Marilyn was able to be so famous and enjoyed using her sexuality to achieve her goals. The answers are in Marilyn's Heliocentric chart, which is below:. As you can see, Marilyn's Heliocentric chart reveals she was blessed with the Super Fame aspect, which is created because her natal Jupiter is parallel her Uranus. Marilyn was able to become an icon and legend during her own time because of her Icon and Legend aspect Chiron parallel her Earth.

Marilyn was able to project enormous sex appeal because of her Super Sexy aspect Jupiter conjunction Juno. Both Sedna and Pluto add to the power of the sexuality, but Sedna is the destroyer and ultimately Sedna turned the tables on Marilyn and she self destructed by using her sexuality in ways she should not have.

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More young women fell in lust with Elvis than anyone else. Some of the astrological reasons for this are in Elvis's geocentric chart, but most of it was in his Heliocentric chart. One main reason Elvis projected so much sexuality is that he was blessed with a double Grand Trine centered on Juno, the planet that rules sexuality and illusions. But you would have not know about this if you did not include Ixion and Orcus, which are two of the Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planets we told you about recently.

But Elvis owes his super charged success and fame to the Magical Fortress in him Heliocentric chart, which is below:. Jupiter, Juno, Chiron, Mars are symbolic of super success through male sexuality Elvis' famous bump and grind.

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Unfortunately for Elvis, he succumbed to his two self-destructive aspects we illustrate in his above birth charts. You can also use Heliocentric Magi Astrology and the Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planets to learn more about anyone else and everyone in your life. We wrote the above lesson to help you to understand matters you could not possibly understand without using the principles of Magi Astrology. Only Magi Astrology knows how to interpret a Heliocentric Chart - which does not have houses or ascendant or Midheaven.

But another huge advantage of Magi Astrology is that you can know so much without having any exact times of birth. Furthermore, even if we think we have found an accurate time of birth, the time is almost never accurate. Here is why:. The times of birth on birth certificates are almost never accurate. Or a doctor may just put in a time from memory after he leaves the delivery room. Here's a summary of the 2 new menu commands in the Windows version of Astrolog 6.

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A list of improvements to existing features in Astrolog 6. If stars objects are unrestricted, or the list of additional stars is being shown, then their positions will be plotted in this chart. Because stars are so far away, the chart scaling will be in light years instead of Astronomical Units AU , which is a factor of about Note 1 light year is about AU, so the stars are actually more distant by this factor.


Star centered charts: The central planet setting -h switch allows doing heliocentric or other planet centered charts. This has been extended to support star objects. This means you can cast a chart centered on another star, and see how the stars and constellations appear from the position of that star.

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Stars are very far apart from each other, and the closest star to our Sun is 4. As a result, from other star systems all the planets will appear very close to the Sun within one arc minute or even narrower depending on the star. Because the Andromeda galaxy is 2. The extra stars will be in a separate list after the main list of objects. Rows will be colored dark gray for dim stars magnitude 4.

Logarithmic moon orbit: In the graphic Solar System Orbit chart -S -X switches , having the 3D Houses setting on causes planet distances from the central object to be rendered on a logarithmic scale, to make orbits roughly equally spaced and prevent inner planets from being squished together.

If all four are restricted, then the prime vertical line across the sphere will go away too. If all four are restricted and the show house details setting is off as well, then the horizon and meridian lines will go away too, leaving just the lines of the ecliptic marking the signs of the zodiac.

This last scenario goes well with turning on the new Use Ecliptic Axis setting, to align the sphere with the ecliptic. More aspect sorting: The nine different options for methods of sorting aspects specified as subswitches to -a apply to additional charts. They now apply to the relationship comparison version of the aspect list -a -r0 switches , and the transit influence charts -D and -T switches.

Aspect details: Aspects listed in various charts display the sign of the objects making the aspects. This affects the aspect list, midpoint list, transit to transit times and influence charts, and transit to natal times and influence charts -a, -m, -d, -D, -t, and -T switches. Normally cusp objects like the Ascendant are always excluded from this chart even if unrestricted to avoid too many aspects being displayed. This is now an option if you want to see when planets conjunct house cusps, which also means when during the day they move between houses. Before if there were too many aspects for the window height, there was no way to see the rest other than resizing the window taller or restricting content.

Cusp latitudes: House cusp objects will now have their latitudes listed in the standard listing -v switch. Before, latitudes would always be blank for cusps. Sidebar cusps: The graphic wheel chart sidebar can now include house cusp objects in the list of planets. This will reduce the number of stars in the additional stars list from to Non-star points like this are apparent in the sefstars. Astro-graph line improvement: The graphic astro-graph chart -L -X switches uses red for Ascendant lines and green for Descendant lines, and when two of these lines meet, a horizontal gray line would connect them.

This no longer happens, and the connecting line is half red and half green in the appropriate proportion. Improved labeling: The type of chart will be more accurately labeled in the text mode wheel chart -w switch , and in the graphic sidebar. Topocentric charts will be labeled as such instead of just as geocentric , and barycentric charts will be labeled as such instead of just as heliocentric. More sidebar labeling: The graphic sidebar will include additional lines to indicate less common chart types, which makes it easier to see when a particular mode is in effect.

Solar charts will be indicated too, and will mention how the planet positions are being rotated. It will indicate what planet is being rotated to what position, and whether the rotating is to the start of sign, e.

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Horizon charts separate: On the command line, the text mode local horizon chart -Z switch is now considered a distinct chart from the rising and setting times table -Zd switch. That means they can both be displayed at once if both switches are included, and also the -e switch to display all charts will now include both. A few changes that aren't new feature additions or bug fixes have been made to Astrolog 6.

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Most can be considered improvements, but they still change existing behavior. A list of these follows which aren't useful to be aware of unless you have used previous versions of the program :.

Map defaults: In the Windows version, the world map and globe charts start out showing planets at their zenith locations. And beyond that will show meridian lines and the entire astro-graph chart by default, as described in the new 3D astro-graph feature. Before, the map displays would start out only showing the map, which means the effect of the Modify Display mode has been reversed for how it affects maps.

Before, this command would replace chart 1 with the midpoint, and then immediately exit the relationship chart mode, which would clobber the data for chart 1 and make it harder to switch back and forth between modes. The Modify Display command now toggles the dashedness of the aspect lines in the middle of the wheel i.

Location setting changed: Right clicking on astro-graph charts and world maps will no longer set the chart location to the point clicked upon. Right clicking and dragging will now rotate or slide the world map chart in the same way you can right click and drag to rotate globes and chart spheres. Environment variable renamed: The version specific environment variable for file paths in Astrolog 6. Their works are published and well documented to constitute the foundation of scientific financial astrology without any myths and such like. For the serious users Astral Astrology Software offers widely the possibility to extend in the research by conducting special search for any aspect between any pair of planets over any period of time and comparing it with the fluctuation in the diagrams of stocks or prices of particular goods published.

What is unique about such alarming signals is that: 1 They do not take place very often 2 Their significance refers to the nature of the event before it happened Brief introduction to some of the signals is shown in the wheel on the left.