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You are pretty charged today. Divert the excess energy in keeping yourself fit and fine. Devise a strategy for proper exercise on a regular basis.

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Make a point to commit yourself to it. You cannot afford to compromise with your health so check your tendency of drifting away from routine tasks. Today marks the beginning of a new period of understanding and adjustment between you and your partner. All the cobwebs of the relationship has now been removed and both of you will be able to see each other in a bright shining light, but this will only make your love stronger and more enduring.

The day will bring great optimism for you.

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Name your Child. Crystals,Gemstones,Myth and Magic. Energy comes into the Mouth and Nose of your house.

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Astrology Charts and Articles. You could be prone now to giving too much thought to a relationship matter when you ought to be more trusting of what you're feeling. Something connected with your emotional world is shifting and needs to shift in some way and basing actions on what you feel as opposed to think is bound to bring better results.

A loved one will recognize and connect with your ability to do this, too. More Astrology Articles. Astrology is a language of symbols. Find out what to expect from an astrology reading and schedule one with Kelli Fox. Consult the Elements of the Zodiac! Astrology tells us so much about ourselves; the planets in their orbits reflect our Daily Horoscope. Tuesday, October 8 th , Pat yourself on your heroic back.

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The piper might be expecting payment sooner than you think. Being different is a good thing today. Perhaps you feel like burying your head in the sand today. Your confidence builds today. You're likely to confuse almost everyone today while you figure things out.

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You're honorable, graceful and no one loves a good party more than you, but now it's time to make changes that really matter. As long as you're being so distrustful, you should navigate with utmost caution today.

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Your talents will be noticed today, so wouldn't it be a good idea to attract praise instead of anger? Change your normal perspective today. Today there are no rules.